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At, Inc. we take pride in our window repair and window restoration craftsmanship. As a result, it is truly rewarding to receive positive feedback from satisfied customers. We're proud to share with you the following examples of some of the positive reviews that we've received.

“Great workmanship, excellent service!”

“We had fix 8 of our 1931 windows and every single one works perfectly now. We chose the chains instead of replacing the ropes and they are beautiful. If you’re on the fence about repairing vs. replacing, please contact this fantastic place first. I can’t believe how smoothly the old windows operate now and they’re so airtight. They also replaced a pane of glass that was cracked. Nick is very patient and obviously cares a lot about preservation. Our house isn’t a pristine Victorian, just an older home that needed some window TLC. Nothing beats the gorgeous wood, old wavy glass, and infinitely repairable nature of older windows. Also, it was generally a very respectful and pleasant experience when they were here working. Super conscientious with cleanup.”

Annie  ~  December 2, 2021

“True Artisans”

“Nick and Trudi at did an amazing job of restoring one of a kind attic windows in my 1924 Dutch Colonial home. Along with restoration work on a number of the rope & pulley windows and new storms, the house was given a lovely facelift. The service Nick provided was nothing short of amazing – he was considerate, prompt and very neat which was a perfect complement to the skillful work he performed. I would highly recommend!!”

Diane Doyle  ~  October 18, 2021

“Great job!”

“The team rebuilt 17 double hung windows and installed new storms on our 1915 home. The work was seamless, fast and professional. Can’t say enough good things about the company and the team. They did what they said they would do and did it well!”

Marc Webb  ~  August 2, 2021

“My windows work again!”

“I have an old house (1912) and the double hung windows had old ropes and counter balance weights. The ropes were long past their useful life and many of the windows were barely operable and usually required a lot of effort to open. I hired to mechanically repair 28 windows including replacing the ropes to metal chains, replacing the side glides and new hardware. They also refurbished two broken wood screen windows in our vestibule. I am very happy with the result. The replacement parts are high quality, the crew was really great and the windows work beautifully. I also hired them to replace my storm windows which is planned in the next few weeks. I would highly recommend WindowRepair. You will be happy with the result and the process.”

Andrew Dankwerth  ~  November 9, 2020

“Very Satisfied!”

“Great work – it's gratifying to have our windows restored so well and with such expertise. I have had about a dozen done and plan to contract for work on many more.”

Amy Beckwith  ~  September 17, 2019

“My windows look wonderful!”

“The living room windows in my 1890s condo, formerly busted and rotted, look wonderful. I can open and close them with ease. From the planning visits, and the window removal, to the final window installation, the professionalism of the team really impressed me.”

Amy M.  ~  September 3, 2019

“Craftsmanship, Speed and Value”

“I had 25 double hung windows in my 1898 Victorian home that were in poor condition and mainly inoperable. The team did an amazing job of bringing them back to original condition, weather stripped and tight. At a fraction of the cost, they’re now operating as well as the replica windows I bought for an expansion of the house. They are friendly, fast and easy to communicate with. I would use them again but expect their work will last another 100 years.”

Jim Sylvia  ~  September 3, 2019

“Excellent work. Friendly staff.”

“My windows work now! Also, they are much more air tight. I love them again. All the staff was friendly and attentive to my needs and questions. The scheduling was accurate. They came when they promised and even finished the work a bit early. The two workers did an excellent job. They were very careful and cleaned up after themselves. They were a pleasant presence in my house. All contractors should be this good. ”

Fran  ~  June 2, 2019

“I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience.”

“ came out to restore all of the 21 windows in our 100-year-old home last year. We have now lived with them and used them through all seasons and are thrilled with how beautifully they work. Before, we struggled with opening the sashes in one or both directions, would need a stick to prop some of them open in the summer, and felt drafts all winter long. The repair work Nicholas did was thoughtful, careful, and gorgeous. Customer service was great, and I would do this process again in a heartbeat to save original windows. I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience. Thank you for a job well done.”

Meghan Clinard  ~  April 24, 2019

“Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, an excellent experience!”

“We have used 3 times in two separate locations over the past decade and plan to keep coming back for more! It is so exciting to lift the window sash for the first time after the repair and restoration work has been done and feel the silky smooth operation as if it was a brand new window. I am so glad we can restore our old hardwood windows rather than replace them with cheap wood or vinyl at a much higher cost. is the perfect service for those who wish to preserve the authentic look, feel, and operation of their existing windows.”

Duncan Sanger  ~  March 21, 2019

“I love my newly-restored windows!”

“I am delighted with my newly-restored windows. They look beautiful and will keep my condominium warmer when the cold weather arrives. The estimator was great to work with as was the installer.”

Barbara Goodchild  ~  October 3, 2018

“We had an outstanding experience with”

“ responded to my inquiry very quickly and scheduled an estimate very promptly. Nicholas and his assistant, Jackson, did a terrific job restoring 14 windows in our 1889 home. Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work. It is a pleasure to have our old windows working again.”

Anne Katsas  ~  September 2, 2018

“We are delighted with our restored windows, they’re beautiful.”

“We live in a circa 1880 house in Arlington, MA, with a lot of windows! Trudi, Nicholas and the team did an amazing job restoring our windows – 21 and counting. We live in the Historic District and so cannot replace any windows that can be seen from the street. We’re so pleased with the beautiful windows, meticulously restored, that we have decided to restore all the old windows in the house, even the ones that could be replaced. This is testament to the care that Trudi’s team takes with each window, and with each customer. They were very pleasant and straightforward to work with, and we always knew where we were with timing and budget. I recommend this team if you have windows that you want to restore.”

Helen  ~  July 22, 2018

“I'm very pleased with the result. An excellent job.”

“I was very pleased with the work that Nicolas and his team did in the total restoration of windows in a portion of a circa 1895 Salem home. The windows look great and operate easily.

Bonnie Adams  ~  July 13, 2018

“ is great!”

“I’m a very satisfied client of and recommend them to other homeowners without reservation. Earlier in the summer, I had nine windows restored plus nine new storm windows installed in my Queen Anne Victorian home, built in 1895. None of the windows are standard-sized. Every stage of the process from the initial visit, to receiving a quote, to the actual window restorations, to the storm window installation went without a hitch. Everyone showed up when they said they would; responded to my questions; and performed top quality work. The window restorations were miraculous – for the first time in years, all the big old windows work the way they should. The moldings – inside and out – were left perfectly intact. ”

Paula M.  ~  July 13, 2018

“ did an excellent job”

“ did an excellent job repairing our windows, and our interaction with the staff couldn’t have been better. I was impressed from the beginning to the end of the job: from the thorough, unhurried and professional consultation on what work needed to be done; to the careful and methodical workmanship of Nicolas from the first to the last window he repaired. ”

Vivie Hengst  ~  May 14, 2018

“Great job on restoring our windows!!”

“Trudi and her team took our falling-apart, wood windows and brought them back to almost their original state from the late 1800’s. Not only do they look fantastic, but we now can open and close them as they were intended. The staff was very professional when working onsite at our home. Thank you!!”

James White  ~  May 9, 2018

“I highly recommend your service!!”

“Dear Trudi, I am writing to let you know how much I value! I live in a house that is well over 120 years old and still has all of its original windows. Many of them had broken strings, cracked glass and leaked terribly – sending cold air into the house all winter. You have lovingly restored the windows to be as good as new, for a fraction of the price of buying replacement windows! And I still get to admire the beautiful wavy glass! Furthermore, you are a pleasure to work with. You arrive on time, work quietly, and clean up beautifully. Thank you so much for all that you do!!”

Cindy  ~  February 17, 2018

“True Craftsmanship”

“The team repaired 14 windows in my house. Windows that could barely move or close correctly now work perfectly and are a pleasure to use. The team is professional, courteous, clean and are true craftsmen. My biggest regret is not having contacting them sooner. I strongly recommend their services.”

Maxwell  ~  January 18, 2018

“ was a pleasure to work with.”

“ allowed us to fulfill our wish to keep our original windows! They did a wonderful job of tightening up and repairing our circa 1926 windows, and they were a pleasure to work with. We were fortunate to find out about’s specialized services, and hope to use them again to repair the remainder of our windows.”

Harriet  ~  January 12, 2018, Inc. - Submit a Review

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