Fine Wood Window Restoration and Repair

Wood Window Mechanical Repair

Windows that are hard to open, painted shut or propped open with a stick are the thing of the past when you choose! Our team will remove existing cord rope and re-engage your window weights with new copper/zinc/brass sash chain or replace with new cord rope. We’ll Install a spring bronze weather-stripping to your window jambs to help tighten up your windows when opening and closing. In addition to making your windows operate easily, the spring-bronze weather-stripping also helps reduce drafts and increases energy efficiency.

After we’ve removed all the impediments to motion, your double-hung, rope and pulley windows will require only light pressure to move. Finally, we make sure your windows lock correctly, and we offer a variety of new window locks as needed. When we install and properly align a good sweep lock, it will pull the middles together, and force the top up and the bottom down, locking the whole assembly tightly.

Our Mechanical Window Repair & Weatherization Process

  • Lay down plastic tarps to protect any furniture and rugs in the working areas.
  • Remove window from its opening and “wet” scrape (to eliminate dust) were needed to relieve tightness.
  • Remove the existing cord rope and install new Cord Rope or Copper/Brass/Zinc sash chain.
  • Lubricate channels and pulleys to eliminate squeaky pulleys.
  • Install new metal tape balance for windows that operate on metal tape balance.
  • Remove any existing old aluminum tongue weather stripping.
  • Spring bronze weather-stripping is hand-cut and installed in window jamb for the top and bottom window sash.
  • Install bulb gasket weather-stripping to each bottom sash as needed.
  • Install new, custom-made, stained or natural ‘Spanish Cedar” parting bead wood.
  • Replace broken window panes with Restoration or Plate glass as needed.
  • Re-weigh each sash to verify they have the correct counter weight as needed.
  • Re-install sashes and align side stops.
  • Reset existing window locks or replace window locks.
  • Reinstall window and reset the side stop to align properly so it will operate smoothly.

The, Inc. team is Lead Safe and Certified and adheres to state and federal EPA Best Practice guidelines by using HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums for on-site cleanups. The filters in our HEPA vacuums trap 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Sash Chain vs. Sash Cord Rope will install either material. In most cases we’re seeing more and more homeowners choosing sash window chain. The visual effect of a sash chain can be dramatic, with different finishes to choose from such as copper/brass/zinc creating a variety of effects. What’s more, enhanced durability and longevity also make sash chains an attractive option.


The majority of people living in houses with original double hung wood windows have never experienced them working the way they were originally intended. Wouldn’t it be nice to open and close your wood windows like they did when they were first installed? Can Restore Your Wood Windows to Fully Operational Condition